What Does It Mean to Know You Are Divinely Defined?

Divinely Defined is a state of mind. It’s a state in which you are convinced of one thing:that you possess amazing qualities, gifts, talents, wisdom, knowledge, and the awareness that within you lies great and immeasurable possibilities, all because you were made in the image and likeness of a God who is the sum essence of all these things and so much more!

Knowing you are Divinely Defined permeates every area of your life-mind, body, spirit, and soul. God’s Word is the anchor that keeps each of these areas grounded in a state of continued growth and blessings. As a result your approach to life is with boldness and courage because you know with God nothing shall be impossible to you. Yes, you acknowledge failure, but you don’t allow it to define your abilities or possibilities. You view it as an opportunity to learn, grow, and reset. You may pause, but you never give up!

We are all Divinely Defined creatures living in a world that has been corrupted by the influences of sin. As a result we find ourselves brushing up against the wiles of opposition that come to test our knowledge of who we really are. Sometimes we win and wax strong in the face of circumstances that are bent on clouding our view of the God-like nature that exists within us. Sometimes the circumstances appear to prevail, and as a result skew that divine view.

The mission of this magazine is to remind you that you are Divinely Defined- mind, body, spirit, and soul, and to ignite a passion in you to not only embrace this truth, but to live your life this way, day in and day out without compromise!

With Love and Divine Inspiration,



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