Day 1 – Acceptance

At about 16 years of age, I experienced something that would send me on a downward spiral into the depths of anger, frustration, and embarrassment. I was an enthusiastic freshman about to enter the wonderful world of high school, and there to meet me on the very first day was a vicious rumor about me that spread like wildfire through what seemed like the entire school in a matter of minutes. It took some time before I actually got word of what was being said, but when I did, all of the shunning from those I tried to befriend, weird looks, and giggles behind my back made sense.

I was devastated. I had never encountered anything like that before, and didn’t know how to handle it. My solid foundation of who I truly was in Christ was not developed then, and as a result, I began to see myself through the lens of how others saw me. As an adult this experience seems trivial, at best. There are some young ladies I know who wouldn’t blink if they found themselves in my shoes back then, but that wasn’t my makeup.

Rather than confronting the lies that were being told, I disguised the hurt I experienced from rejection and betrayal in the cloak of anger and nonchalance. It would’ve been nice if that were the only experience of rejection that I would encounter, but life didn’t prove that kind. As years passed, more hurts and disappointments came. I collected them in my heart as if they were treasures of some kind and grew more and more bitter and resenting with each experience. This mode of operation would last into early to mid adulthood.

Eventually I had a desire to break free of the weight I carried, but didn’t know how. One day I had a wonderful encounter with God’s Holy Spirit. He opened my eyes to the person I had become and took me back to the origin of my pain. It was a process (forgiving is key), but over time God’s Spirit released me from the experiences of my past, and reassured me that my approval has always come from Him and not man.

What about you? Do you have a testimony about how you have overcome experiences of  rejection? Or, are you currently struggling with experiences of rejection and are ready to receive your healing?

Whatever your answer, know that acceptance from God means you don’t have to worry about rejection from people.

Be Blessed, Divinely Defined One!



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