Day 2 – Approval

Day two on the journey to understanding and walking in our God-given identity explores the topic of approval. It’s a nice thing to receive every now and again, however we must be mindful that we don’t need, nor should we want, everybody’s approval.

God drove this point home to me many years ago. I was in a relationship that was unhealthy for both of us. We both knew our being together was outside of the will of God, and yet we both wanted to make it work. It didn’t help that it seemed as if so many people were “for” us. So much so that they would approach either of us to let us know that “God said you two belong together,” or “You two will get married.” They were passionate about what they heard from God, and yet I knew deep in my heart that they were wrong. I was at a crossroad in my relationship with the Father and I knew it. Would I continue down the road of disobedience and stay in the relationship, or would I make the decision to turn my back on everything and everyone that was outside of God’s will for my life? Staying meant I would please and maintain the approval (or so I thought) of others. Leaving meant I would turn to obedience and please God.

Well, thanks to the power of the Holy Spirit, I chose to obey God much to the disapproval of others. The moment I made the decision to let go of the relationship, all the love and warmth I felt from “friends” turned blizzard cold. No more smiles, no more warm greetings, no more kind words-it all stopped, cold. As if that weren’t enough, because of my decision, I would sometimes wonder if I had passed up on my only opportunity to marry.

Though losing the approval of others was a challenge initially, I always had a peace in my spirit that I did the right thing, and that was what carried me through that season. Today I write this blog as a wife of a man who I know is a Godsend, and a mother of two beautiful children! If you ask me if losing the approval of others to please God was worth it, my answer would be a resounding YES!!! It was worth it way before the blessings ever came!

What about you? Do you have any testimonies as to how you have shed the tendency to seek approval from people other than God? Are you currently struggling with the tendency to seek approval from others rather than God?

Whatever your answer, let the fact that “God has already given you His stamp of approval, so there is no need to seek it elsewhere” be your driving force in everything you choose to do or not do.

Hope you are having a great day, Divinely Defined One!



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