Day 4 – Blessed

This time last year my husband and I were deep in the midst of a hard test to our finances and our faith. It was a difficult road to walk, but through the test, God taught me the true meaning of the word “blessed.”  He showed me that in spite of the circumstances we were experiencing, we were still blessed and highly favored. Now, grant it, I did not accept this truth willingly, nor did it come early on. Quite the contrary-I was a nervous wreck when we first entered this trial. I worried endlessly about our future. I sought God many times over to ask if we were being punished for something we did. I fasted, called my friends to agree with me in prayer, but nothing in this situation seemed to move God to open the financial floodgates and remedy our situation.

It wasn’t until I finally decided to lean on Him and trust that our lives were in His hands that I began to view things differently. I began to look beyond the tangible items  we were in jeopardy of loosing, and allowed the Holy Spirit to show me how blessed I was right in the midst of our trial.  When my eyes were opened, what I saw left me in amazement of just how great our God is. He showed me that our family was in great health; my son was thriving as a budding three-year old (he had no clue what was going on, nor would he have cared); I experienced the assurance that God was still with us even though we were suffering; I received the support of friends who never stopped checking on us;  and we NEVER missed a meal, the list could go on and on.

 What I realize today is that the absence or presence of things we owned never determined whether or not we were blessed. We were blessed then and are blessed now because God said so, and I chose to take Him at His Word.

What about you? Do you have testimonies as to how you once struggled to see how blessed you really are? Or, are you currently struggling with the fact that you are in deed blessed?

Whatever your answer, know that despite what is going on, your life is blessed every day and in every way. Grab hold of this truth and confess it out loud.

Hope you are having a great day, Divinely Defined, One!



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