Day 8 – Confident

“There is nothing I will face today that Jesus and I can’t handle.”

Today’s affirmation is a powerfully freeing statement. Should you actually grab hold of the truth that this 13-word sentence contains, I believe your life would drastically change for the better. For starters, peace of mind would replace fear and doubt; feelings of hopelessness and helplessness wouldn’t stand a chance in attaching itself to your emotions; walking in the confidence that you are the “head and not the tail” like Jesus told you would be yours. The possibilities of the things you would accomplish because you dared to believe this truth are endless.

Once upon a time my life was filled with fear and discouragement over things I used to dream of doing, but never thought attainable. Catching hold of and accepting the above statement not only freed me from my personal lack of confidence, but it has sparked a fire within me that “all things are truly possible if I would only believe.”

What about you? Do you have a testimony as to how you live and operate in confidence because of the Spirit of God that dwells in you? Or, do you lack confidence and would like to gain more?

Whatever your answer, know that there is nothing in life you will ever face that you and the Lord can’t handle.

Hope you are having a wonderful day, Divinely Defined One!



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