Day 10 – Forgiven

Accepting God’s forgiveness for a sin that has been committed is truly a freeing thing. For starters, it frees us from the weight of guilt that has a tendency to keep us in a state of feeling sorry for what we did, or sometimes we subconsciously punish ourselves for the mistakes of our past. When the weight of sin has been lifted, and forgiveness is received, our walk through life is a little lighter and we don’t have a dark cloud of regret hanging over our heads.

I experienced such feelings when I struggled to allow myself to receive the forgiveness of the Lord because of how badly I had hurt someone. To begin with, the person had done nothing to warrant the treatment they received from me. In fact, in that particular situation, they were trying to befriend me. Instead of returning good for the good I received, I lashed out at them because of things I was dealing with within myself. What impacted me the most was not the fact that I lashed out, but when I saw how badly I had hurt the person, how taken off guard they were by my response, immediately I was sorry for what I did.

When I went home that night, I was honest with the Lord. I told Him that I was sorry for the way I responded. I asked for His forgiveness, but more importantly to me, I asked that He would heal the individual whom I had hurt. I was sincere, and sincerely wanted that person to be okay. I also wanted to be free of what I was feeling, and the cause for my actions, but even after confessing and asking for forgiveness I was still hard on myself. I replayed the incident over and over again, literally trying to figure out what happened. I went so far as to imagine how I would do things differently if I could just turn back the hands of time.

Eventually I had the opportunity to genuinely apologize to the person. Slowly, but surely, I was able to release myself, but I didn’t received genuine freedom until I finally realized that if God had already forgiven me, who was I to not accept His gift of forgiveness and forgive myself.

What about you? Do you have a testimony as to how you once struggled to accept God’s gift of forgiveness? Or, are you currently struggling with accepting this precious gift and ultimately forgiving yourself?

Whatever your answer, know that “your sins aren’t greater than God’s ability to forgive.”

Hope you are having a great day, Divinely Defined One!



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