Day 12 – Friendly

Here’s something to ponder as you meditate on today’s topic of friendships: Would you rather find yourself standing alone in the midst of your life’s hardest trial, or would you rather have the support of truly supportive people in your life who, are not perfect, but are willing to stand by your side in the time of need.

It seems like the answer to the above scenario would be obvious-who wouldn’t want the support of a true friend, especially when the tides of life have turned rough? Strangely enough, though, what may seem like an obvious answer isn’t at all what I would’ve chosen years ago. Back then I had the “I’m fine without your help” attitude. I was still lamenting over past friendships that turned sour, and couldn’t–or a better word is wouldn’t allow myself to let anyone get close enough to me to offer any kind of support. As it is with every one of my personal testimonies, and so I’ll say it again—if it hadn’t been for the power of the Holy Spirit who healed me and gave me the strength and courage to trust again, I’d still be walking this life alone and bitter.

What about you? Do you have a testimony as to how you have opened yourself up to receiving new friendships? Or, are you currently struggling with issues of trust that are preventing you from experiencing true friendship?

Whatever your answer, know that as you “radiate life and love, you will attract good people everywhere you go.”

Hope you are having a great day, Divinely Defined One!



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