Day 11 – Free

Hello, Divinely Defined Woman!

Today’s journey on the road to walking in our God-given identity leads us to explore the topic of “Freedom.” From today’s reading we learned that our freedom was bought with a price – the life of Jesus Christ. It is because of His selfless sacrifice on the cross that you and I can enjoy authentic freedom from all that seeks to bind us. That means we can walk through this life with our heads held high, a spring in our step, and a smile on our faces.

We know that struggles and trials are a part of life, and they are sure to come; however, we don’t have to be bound by them and we don’t have to let them steal our joy. The minute we recognize their presence in our life we have a place where we can go and a Person whom we can talk to who is willing and able to help us through these things if we allow Him.

With that said, what are you dealing with that has you feeling like a prisoner in your own body?

Remember who you are: A Divinely Defined woman who has been set free by the truth of God’s Word!

God Bless You!



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