Day 12 – Friendly

Hello Divinely Defined Woman!

Today’s journey on the road to walking in our God-given identity leads us to explore the topic of “Friendship.” From today’s reading we learned that God is an endorser of true friendships. We also learned that at times, you and I may experience disappoints with people we have called our friends. We may have trusted them and believed that they had our best interest at heart, when unfortunately their actions showed otherwise. This is a sad experience, to say the least, and has the potential to make us shy away from the idea of trusting another sister or brother again, but don’t allow it to happen. Instead, talk to God about what you’ve experienced, seek His healing, and then seek His guidance on how to begin to open yourself up to the wonderful relationships He desires to bring into your life.

With that said, how many times have you closed yourself off to the possibility of developing a Godly friendship because of a past painful experience?

Remember who you are: A Divinely Defined woman who radiates life and love, and attracts the friendship of good people everywhere you go!

God Bless You!



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