Day 25 – You are Talented!

Hello, Divinely Defined Woman!

Today’s journey on the road to waking in our God-given identity leads us to explore another one of my favorite topics: “Talents.” From today’s reading we learned that God has gifted you and me in one or many ways in which He wants to use to bless this world. We also learned that walking in our God-given gifts and talents brings great glory to the name of Jesus Christ! That’s right, as you and I go through life living in our divine purpose and calling, we literally become walking billboards that advertise that greatness of our God! Just one more way you and I can serve Him and show Him our gratitude.

With that said, are you using your God-given gifts and talents on a daily basis to bless this world and bring glory to the Lord?

Remember who you are: A Divinely Defined woman whose gifts and talents will be used to accomplish great things!

God Bless You!



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