Day 30 – Wise

Hello, Divinely Defined Woman!

Well, we have come to the last day of our thirty-day journey to discovering our God-given identity! Our last topic explores the subject of  “Wisdom.”  From today’s reading we learned that true wisdom comes from God. We also learned that if you and I are to experience the level of success and victory in our lives that God has already planned for us, then we must be a diligent seeker of this precious gift. I know it’s tempting at times to think that we’ve got a situation covered, or that a matter isn’t serious enough to consult the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, but if that were true, why else would the Lord instruct us to “acknowledge Him in all of our ways so that He could direct our paths?”

With that said, would you say that you are a diligent seeker of God’s wisdom?

Remember who you are: A Divinely Defined woman of wisdom who walks along the path of life that God’s Word has laid out for her!

God Bless You!



Stay tuned for the NEW 30-Day Challenge beginning tomorrow!


  1. I personally LOVE the Wisdom of God. I’ll never forget the day God led me to do an in depth study of His Wisdom, He revealed to me that Wisdom is much more than we perceive it to be; He revealed to me that Wisdom is a spirit. I was reading Proverbs 8 verses 22-30 when He opened my eyes to see this Truth. I was amazed to find that the spirit of Wisdom (much like Christ Jesus) was with God the Father from the very beginning when there was no earth (vs23) and was established by God before the foundations and water were here!(vs 24, 25) God also showed me that He Himself delighted in the spirit of Wisdom daily and Wisdom was His master Craftsman(vs.30). This amazes me and also lets me know that if God Almighty Himself brought Wisdom up and then crafted an entire creation by it, I must definately seek Wisdom and make every move with this spirit of Wisdom in control! How awesome is God!


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