Your Birth Is Part of A Strategic Plan

Your Birth Is Part of A Strategic Plan

Why do you think God chose you to be born during this period of time? What, in your opinion, is special about you? What did God invest in you that He knew He would later bring out of you that would serve this world and the people that surround you?

You and I were created by God and sent here to be a part of His amazing plan to bless this world and bring Him glory. Just as our faces differ, so do our purposes for being here. What were you created to do at this particular time? Have you abandoned yourself to it and are you pursuing it with passion and fervor? If your answer is YES, congratulations, and keep up the great work! If you answered NO, I urge you to explore what has kept you from moving forward. If you don’t yet know what “it” is, I encourage you to spend some time in the presence of the Lord and ask, “What was I born to do?” and get ready for the response.

God was intentional when He created you. Your presence in this world is not only part of His strategic plan, but your presence here has the potential to be a great power move by Him in His quest to further His kingdom! Will you partner with Him by taking steps of faith and moving out on the things he has placed within your heart? It begins with you! 

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