Day 21 – Loving Yourself through Words Challenge

Hello, Divinely Defined Woman!

Today’s Affirmation:

“I bow before God, therefore I can stand before anyone.”

Based Upon: Psalm 139: 23-24

Today’s Challenge:

Continue to only speak positive words about yourself. Also, take some time today to ask the Lord to search your heart for anything that would prevent you from being elevated to the levels He desires to take you as you use your gifts and talents to bless this world.

Have a wonderful day!




  1. Oh wow, Mrs. Frelix, I just did this in my one on one time with Daddy God last night. He put on my heart to sing about His holiness. I sang about it for a minute and then He began to minister to me about holiness. He said I need to come to Him about what is in me that is unholy and would keep me from going to another level in Him. I read today’s affirmation and got encouraged and received confirmation about last night. Thank you for hearing and obeying God!


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