Day 30 – Loving Yourself through Words Challenge

Hello, Divinely Defined Woman!

Congratulations! We’ve made it to Day 30 of the “Loving Yourself through Words Challenge!” I do hope and pray that these past thirty days have accomplished at least two things for you: 1) that you recognize just how powerful your words are (and that you use them wisely), and 2) that you recognize and actively use the authority you have in Christ Jesus to do the unthinkable and ultimately bring glory to His name.

I encourage you to continue to put into practice the things you have already learned about living Divinely Defined, as well as some of the principles you encountered during these past thirty days. It’s all about letting the world know that you truly are a powerful and unique creation!

Please keep your eyes open for weekly Divinely Defined blogs coming to your inbox every Monday morning starting in April.

I love you and pray God’s continued blessings upon you as you make the choice to live for Him!

With that said, today’s affirmation and challenge:

Today’s Affirmation:

“I am Divinely Defined – I know WHO I am and WHOSE I AM; I stand for Christ and fall for nothing.

Based Upon: Psalm 139 and Psalm 32:7

Today’s Challenge:

As you continue to only speak positive words about yourself, I challenge you today to walk like royalty, talk like royalty, think like royalty and allow the world to experience the wonderful masterpiece God created when He fashioned YOU!

God Bless You!



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