Hello There! I Haven’t Forgotten About You!

Hello, Divinely Defined Woman!

I hope you are doing well and are actively living your life Divinely Defined.

I’m sending this little note to let you know I have not forgotten about you or the weekly blogs-really I haven’t, but mommy duty calls. Both my little ones have been on spring break for the past two weeks, so needless to say we’ve been hitting the parks, museums, grandma’s house-you name it in an effort to keep them busy!

Of course my original plan was to wake up an hour early before them so that I could blog, however my efforts to wear them out during the day actually wore me out!!! Somebody should bottle the energy of children and sale it! I’m sure they wouldn’t be able to keep it on the shelves!!!

I do want you to know that although you haven’t received blogs from me these last two weeks, I have not stopped praying for you. I know God is actively working on your behalf and that His perfect will for your life is unfolding even as we speak!

God Bless you, and God-willing you will hear from me again next Monday morning.



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