Use Your Words!

Use Your Words!

I have a three-year-old daughter who wasn’t exactly an early talker. In fact, because I compared her verbal development to my son’s, I began to worry that her speech was a bit delayed. When she finally began to delve into the world of words, it became apparent that although she wasn’t verbalizing what we tried to teach, she was definitely taking it in. Today she is very seldom at a loss for words and often surprises us from time to time with new additions to her vocabulary. Every now and then however, she likes to revert to the phase of life when whining and crying would get her what she wanted. Rather than use words, she tries to use tantrums, crying, or whining to get what she wants from us, which almost never works.

Grant it, I know there are times when she needs to get the stomping, jumping and crying out of her system to express the frustration she might be feeling at the moment, I give her that. But, when it’s all over my response to her is, “now use your words, ” because this is what will get our attention and (might) get her request granted.

And so it is with us. Sometimes life may close in on us so much so that all we can do is respond in frustration. Like children, sometimes we need a good old-fashioned cry–this is our emotional response to whatever we are feeling that displeases us, but once that moment is over I encourage you to use your words, because life and death are in the power of the tongue.

What are those words? They are the words that you and I have learned from God’s Word—the Bible. They are His thoughts, His purposes, and His intentions—all those things we have come to know that are His will and desires for our lives. Once we learn those words, He expects us to use them. The Bible is very clear that, “From the fruit of a man’s mouth he enjoys good (Proverbs 13:2).

Part of living Divinely Defined is not only knowing who you are in Christ, but also knowing and utilizing the promises of God as they relate to your life. It’s not only knowing that you are the head and not the tail, but having the confidence to declare it over your life in the face of circumstances that say otherwise.

Will you receive instant results? Maybe you will and maybe you won’t, but one thing for sure is that God will respond. I pray you never grow weary of using your words. If you recognize you need to begin this process, I pray that the Lord will strengthen you and grant you the grace to begin doing so. May He ignite your faith to trust Him as you use your words…His Word!

God Bless You!



  1. Your comments blessed me today. I am a new Mac user and wheening myself from the pc. However, my home office hardwired internet connection vs. wifi is challenged by the number of users in an old house. I get frustrated when I’m ready to move forward with the iMac but my connection is slow. Your blog post helped me to articulate to God how to help me.

    Have a glorious day. Wenonah


    1. Thank you, Wenonah!I’m so glad to hear that and look forward to hearing your testimony as to how everything worked out, because God is definitely listening when we pray!


      1. Dana, I am here in China (arrived on November 4) and resting while Jaxin has his morning nap. I am figuring out my blog post details for iDREAMglobal2.0. Wasn’t sure what to call it but the Holy Spirit gave me the title as a continuum from the 2013 surprise party and trip. He’s a big boy and will be 2 years on November 11.


  2. Thanks Dana! These words are a blessing and have come during a timely situation. Yes, we are to always turn to the Words of God no matter what we are going through. He has taught me this well by His grace. And your devotion for today is a great reminder. God bless.


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