In the Midst of Your Tests and Trials Have You Considered this Weapon?

In the Midst of Your Tests and Trials Have You Considered this Weapon?

There is a weapon that you and I have in our spiritual arsenal that is both awesomely beautiful and supernaturally powerful. It is awesomely beautiful because as we wield this weapon we release expressions of thanksgiving, love, adoration, and humility upon the only One in the world who is worthy of these sentiments. It is a love exchange from us to our God who loves us.

This weapon is also supernaturally powerful because as we release our heartfelt expressions to God, the very act renders impotent any evil intentions the enemy planned to use against us. No physical blows are ever exchanged, nor are any words of anger released, yet the use of this weapon is powerful beyond measure because it invokes the supernatural forces of God and His angelic hosts to fight on our behalf. They jump into action by destroying the plots, plans, and intentions of the very opposition that stands against us, and they are always victorious. This weapon I am speaking of is PRAISE.

Praise as a verb is defined as expressing approval or admiration of; to favorably comment or extol. It is intentionally and deliberately ascribing to God all of the merits He is worthy of. It could be thanking Him for who He is and has been in your life, what He’s done, what He’s doing, etc. It is an act of reverence and wonder for a God who we know is in total control despite the chaos that is happening all around us.

As you and I are in the midst of praise, the very act invokes God’s supernatural intervention on our behalf. Intervention looks different for each of us. For one, God’s intervention is an immediate and favorable resolution of the problematic situation that opposed us. For another, God’s intervention is an exchanging of our anxiety for His peace. The situation hasn’t gotten better (in the natural) by any means, but your disposition has and it no longer affects you the same way. For the one whose heart is broken beyond repair, intervention might be a comfort that envelops you beyond your own comprehension. You have no idea how or why you could feel the peace you do in the midst of such a terrible storm, but you just do. The outcome varies, but the common result is a blessing.

When we praise God in the midst of our troubling experiences essentially we are saying our God is bigger, greater, mightier, and certainly more capable of handling our problems than we, or any man we know, can so we’re going to turn to Him. We’re going to thank Him for who He is and how He’s come through before. Psalm 108: 12-13 states:

“Oh give us help against the adversary, for deliverance by man is in vain. Through God we will do valiantly and it is He who shall tread down our adversaries.”

You see, praising God in the midst of your tests and trials doesn’t mean you’ve developed a case of amnesia concerning where you are, but you know in whom your strength and power to overcome lies.

Feeling cornered by your trials and season of testing? Got a giant in your life that has summoned you to fight? May I suggest that you pull out your weapons of praise and allow God’s glory to shine upon you. It’s awesomely beautiful and supernaturally powerful and will bless you for sure!

God Bless You!


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