Guaranteed to Win!

“If God be for us who can be against us?” Romans 8:31

Hello All,

Happy Monday to you! I pray all is well and you are enjoying your day.

Just sending a little note of encouragement to remind you that God is for you.  I know many of us already know and believe this truth. In fact, we have heard it so many times and know it so well that it has almost become cliché, and as a result its original impact has gotten lost in familiarity.

When God says He is for us, that means He is for us in trials, for us in victories, for us in heartbreak, for us in success, for us in failure, for us in any experience that life could throw our way.

For those of us who are experiencing a season of pure bliss and blessings of overflow, these words should merely reinforce the truth behind this statement and invoke a response of thanksgiving and praise—a befitting response for the individual who is enjoying the fruit of what “God being for us” is producing in their life at this time.

For those of us experiencing a season of trial, this statement should serve as a beacon of light in the midst of gray skies and disheartening circumstances. “God is for you” is a phrase of hope that keeps you trusting and believing that though times are challenging, God is on your side. These words of hope interpreted further means that He is for your survival, He is for your healing, He is for your deliverance, He is for whatever it is that you are in need of and He will deliver!

No matter which scenario you find yourself in today may I encourage you to not allow the familiarity of this truth to lose its impact. May it remind you and cause you to rejoice in the fact that the God of creation, the One who has all power and authority in His hands, the One who has all opposition under His feet… is for YOU!

What a powerfully empowering truth! How will you allow it to impact the way you conduct your day? 

God bless you!

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