Happy Monday morning to you! I pray all is well and that you are off to a wonderful day!

I’m sending a note to remind you that Jesus is the only source of authentic, never-wavering JOY! You know, that infectious type of joy that is powerful enough to change the atmosphere of a room and leave people wondering how they can get the type of joy you have. That never-wavering joy that remains with you even in the midst of dealing with the pressures and disappointments of life, because its source is not of this world.

This JOY I’m writing about is a byproduct of our trust in Jesus. We trust that He is taking care of our every need from protection to provision. We trust that He’s already prepared our victory in the times when life becomes most challenging. We essentially trust that because of Him we always win no matter the circumstance! Who wouldn’t find joy in a revelation as powerful as that?

As you go about your day, and week, continue radiating that authentic Jesus Joy. Allow it to bless the lives of others, change atmospheres, and leave people wondering how they can get for themselves the type of Joy you have.

God bless you!



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