This is MY Truth

“MY Truth

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 It’s my birthday—happy birthday to me!

Today my initial plan was to have some alone time with God. I had some questions, as I do every year: “What is it that You are requiring of me at this age of life?” “What do I need to do to become a better version of myself?” “What behaviors, what idiosyncrasies am I still holding on to that are not profitable for me?”

My plan was set and I was headed to the beach to await the answers to my questions, as I have done in years past, but as I reached the front door of my home I realized that I really didn’t care to know the answers to any of the questions I asked.

I didn’t care because, frankly, I was tired and could really use some more sleep. I also didn’t care because I realized I wasn’t interested in fixing myself any more. I was no longer interested in trying to do God’s job for Him. I didn’t care to hear the answers to those questions because as I took time to listen to the voice of God that exists within me, I realized that where I am in life, and who I am in life is the best version of myself today. Every one of my present experiences: the blessings, the struggles, the uncomfortable situations are all apart of the tools God is using to mold and shape me so that I am always the very best version of myself at any given moment.

Instead of the beach I went on a hike. I sweated, my legs burned and I panted for air as I climbed the mountain along with the multitude of other folks this morning. It felt good. The scenery was beautiful and the weather was nice–I was thoroughly invigorated.

During my time this morning I’m so glad that I didn’t receive the answers to any of those questions, but I did leave that mountain fully convinced that the person I am today is the absolute best version of myself, and that became MY truth!


  1. Happy Birthday Dana! How did you get so wise so young? All of your writings inspire me. I love you. May GOD continue to bless you with such wisdom.


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