A Question for Your Self


If you could step outside of yourself and look at you, would the you looking back know that you love her? Would you see an individual who knows she is beautiful, creative, cherished, supported, and valued? Or, would you see an individual who lowers her head because she’s heard you complain that before she can be “beautiful,” there are a few things she needs to change? Or perhaps she’s heard you say she’s too dark, too pale, not smart enough, not creative enough to attempt something new, doesn’t have the “it” factor? Would she run to you for an embrace or would she run away from you in shame?

Would she thank you for not rejecting her as others have? Thank you for standing up for her when no one else has? Or, would she shed tears of defeat because you are trying to fit her into a mold that was not designed for her? Would she beg you to give her rest because she’s just plain tired? Tired of being everything for everybody, tired of always trying to be #1, tired of putting on airs for individuals who refuse to accept her for her authentic self?

Your self needs you. She needs to know that if no one else in this world is for her, you are! Your self needs you. She needs to know that in spite of her shortcomings, downfalls, or that unmentionable thing she struggles with so, that she’s accepted by you, loved by you, and feels encouraged that she can and will do better and be better because you are pulling for her!

The truth of the matter is you are blessed beyond words. God has uniquely created and equipped you with the tools you need to accomplish great things in this world. You are beautiful, intelligent, creative, and more powerful than you will ever know. You can do the impossible and the unthinkable. Failure is never an option.

Your Self Needs You. Love Her Unconditionally. Remind her of the fact that the God who is Greatest of All divinely defined her. Be good to her and let her know how much you love her.

With love and divine inspiration,


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