Oh, the Generational Benefits!

While there are countless benefits of knowing your identity in Christ, I’ve recently come to understand there’s a far greater benefit of realizing such truth than the liberty it brings. Yes the confidence it yields is nice. The fact that such knowledge becomes a standard as to what you will or will not accept is great, but the wisdom and knowledge that rests upon the next generation of children in your life who watch you, when you don’t even know it, is priceless!

You see if your children see you valuing yourself because you truly believe you are precious in the sight of Your Heavenly Father, they will learn how to value themselves. If they see you attempting things that seem impossible because you firmly believe “with God all things are possible to him who believes,” the word “impossible” will be unfamiliar to them. They will walk through life unrestricted and free to try new things.

The statement, “children mirror what they see” comes to mind as I write this and it is absolutely true! During my process of training and retraining myself how to think and speak more positively I would often hear my daughter reminding her brother of words she’s heard me tell myself as I corrected statements I made: “Words are powerful so be careful what you speak.”

I don’t know when this truth clicked in her mind, but I do know it came as result of her hearing and seeing me invested in the process of fully understanding and walking in my God-given identity.

Whether you are just starting out on the journey of discovering your true self, or you are a veteran in this area, please know the self-knowledge you acquire today will leave a legacy of Godly wisdom and knowledge for generations to come.

May you be inspired to continue on this beautiful journey of knowing exactly who you are in Christ, and may the generations who evolve from you reap the blessings of this knowledge and walk in their truth with ease and grace.

With love and divine inspiration,


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